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Additional packages

Babel Transform (Optimize builds)

The Babel plugin is useful after you have a working project and wish to optimize it at build time. The Babel plugin will perform numerous optimizations to your code depending on how it is written and structured. For instance, anytime you have an element that does not change, the call will be hoisted and reused instead of recreated every time. Any html tagged template calls will be converted to createTree calls.

After your code has been passed through this plugin, you will be able to fully utilize the lite build!

To use, install into your project as a dev dependency.

npm install --save-dev babel-plugin-transform-diffhtml

Specify the plugin in the Babel configuration, usually a .babelrc or babel.config.js file:

  "plugins": ["babel-plugin-transform-diffhtml"]

Take this code as an example input:

const { innerHTML, html } = require('diffhtml');

function render() {
  innerHTML(document.body, html`
    <div>Hello world</div>

Without this Babel transformation process, this HTML would need to be parsed every time render() is called. If you use the lite build and the parser, this will become a cached call. html is the same thing as createTree in the lite build. So there is no HTML parsing happening.

const { innerHTML, html } = require('diffhtml/dist/cjs/lite');

function render() {
  innerHTML(document.body, html('div', {}, [html('#text', null, 'Hello world')]));

Refer to the configuration documentation.

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